For the first 3 years of my daughter’s life, I worked at a soul-sucking corporate job and I barely got to see her.

In April 2015, I was invited (because of this blog) by President Obama to share my story as a working mom with his senior advisors. The President wanted to know from real people what could be done to help working moms achieve work/life balance.

I left there on fire to make a difference in the lives of working moms through my blog.

The only problem… I had no idea what I was doing! The President found me when I wasn’t even trying. Imagine what would happen if I knew what I was doing?

I found Elite Blog Academy (EBA) in September 2015 and I haven’t looked back since!


First, let’s address the elephant in the room.

Ahhh…. the million-dollar question and it’s a GOOD one. You have every right to ask it too! My goal is to give you no b.s. and 100% transparency.

You might want to go grab a tasty beverage and buckle up for this one. 🙂

Let’s get real with the money I make off of recommending Elite Blog Academy.

I make a 40% commission on the sale of EBA if you decide to buy it through my link. In 2018, I made over $18,000 in 5 days promoting EBA to my audience.

I was on the top 5 list of affiliates in 2018. This means that out of hundreds of people promoting EBA, I was one of the top performers.

Actually, no.

I stand to gain absolutely nothing if I lie to my community. In 2020, Elite Blog Academy costs $1,097. This a serious investment! If I lead you astray with an investment of this size, why on earth would you ever listen to a word I say or buy from me in the future?

You wouldn’t. I would lose way more than I would gain in the 5 days I promote EBA every year.

Because EBA was LESS than 1% of my revenue for 2019.

This is so very important to understand because I’ve heard (more than once) that some bloggers only make money by promoting EBA. I can tell you this is 100% not true when it comes to my business.

Let me be really clear: I would make more money launching my successful promoted pins course again than I do for recommending EBA. And by more, I mean almost 5x as much for practically the same amount of work.

It makes ZERO sense for me to promote Elite Blog Academy unless I truly believed in it.

When I say I believe EBA can change your life, I mean it. But it still might not be right for you.

Read on to find out exactly what you need to know to make an informed and educated decision about EBA.

Elite Blog Academy is a comprehensive blogging course broken down into four main themes: refine, grow, monetize, build.

In 12 modules and over 30 different assignments, you’ll be given a successful framework for building a blog, a tribe of raving fans, and ultimately a business that makes you money.

…and these are just the highlights. NONE of this would have been possible without first investing in myself and gaining the knowledge I needed to succeed in online business.

Elite Blog Academy is one of the few online courses that I’ve taken from start to finish. It took me eight months to complete the whole course and do all of the assignments, correctly.

Coincidently, finishing the course coincides with when I finally pulled the plug on my almost 11-year old career in tech. <– YES, this is a pretty big deal. I made a very comfortable salary at my day job.

Let’s begin by looking at the cold hard facts. Statistics. Everyone wants to know how EBA influenced my blog stats. First, I want to make something very clear. My monetization strategy is NOT to chase page views I make money primarily through affiliate marketing, email marketing, and my own products. However, none of this would have been possible if I did not have a platform to communicate with people– that platform is my blog.

My strategy is to pull people in from Pinterest and Google and get them on my email list. Once they are on my email list, I nurture them with email sequences and eventually recommend an affiliate product or my own products. EBA helps you set up the foundations for using your website as a tool in your business.

Monthly pageviews: 7,119
Email subscribers: 52
Pinterest: 878
Twitter: 1,622
Facebook: 1,247
Instagram: 52

Feb 2017- 1 year after I started EBA and 5 months after quitting my corporate career

Monthly pageviews: 64,095
Email subscribers: 10,000+
Pinterest: 12,261
Twitter: 5,189
Facebook: 2,192
Instagram: 1,970

Monthly pageviews: 74,000
Email subscribers: 23,000+
Pinterest: 16,000+
Twitter: 5,400
Facebook: 3,038
Instagram: 2,050

2019 – These stats are no longer the key metric in my business. My email list has more than doubled since early 2018. I transitioned to an S-Corp in 2018 and now pay myself on payroll. My blogging business generates multiple 6-figures per year.

2020 – Much of what I said about 2019 is true in 2020. My blog is officially a growing and thriving business that supports multiple people on payroll.

The metrics I do care about now include email list growth and profit per email address subscriber.

I put a huge focus on creating new content through free opt-ins for my email list and paid products. I make approximately 75% of my income from my own products and 25% through affiliate marketing.

After attending the first EBA conference, I wrote about my experience and the 5 top tips I took away. I think you’ll find this post super helpful in deciding if EBA is right for you too: 5 Valuable Lessons From a Successful 7-Figure Blogger

I’m not the only one who has turned their blog into a thriving online business with EBA. You can read more Elite Blog Academy Success Stories.

Why I Started Blogging

I started blogging at Redefining Mom® in July 2013 when my daughter was 9 months old. At the time, I knew nothing about how to blog, I didn’t even know what WordPress was little alone self-hosting and how to buy a domain name. What I did know was that I had something to say and I wanted a platform to say it on.

I wanted to connect with other working moms who were going through the same struggles as I was and needed a place to feel like it’s okay. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, stressed out or lonely on your journey. It’s okay to admit you can’t do it all. It’s okay.

You see, I suffered from postpartum PTSD due to birth trauma. When I started blogging, I hadn’t been diagnosed yet, but I knew my dream of climbing the corporate ladder was crashing down around me.

I was sad, overwhelmed, bitter, and a little bit angry. Why did I work my tail off building my career and getting my MBA just to quit? Why did the United States not offer any paid maternity leave? Why was it acceptable for large corporations to not offer flexible work arrangements for new moms?

There had to be a better way and I was determined to find it.

Blogging turned out to be a lot of work, a lot more work than I could have ever imagined. As I got to know more about it, I realized that a lot of women have turned their blog into real profitable businesses. Wait, what? People made money writing about topics they were passionate about? I could do that! If I could survive corporate America, I could do this. Or so I thought.

It turns out, I really had no idea what I was doing.

The Reason I Purchased Elite Blog Academy

Learn the most valuable lessons from Activate 2017 from Ruth Soukup, a successful blogger who makes multi 7-figures blogging and created Elite Blog Academy. Successful blogging tips, how to have a successful blog, how to make money from home.

By March 2015, my little blog was chugging along with little focus from me. I went months without logging in or posting something new. Social media? Forget it! I was traveling now for my marketing career in technology and I barely had time to spend with my daughter little alone blogging.

That changed the day the White House reached out to me to participate in a working families event. I was considered to be a member of the press because of my blog. I got invited into the West Wing and met President Obama right outside the Oval office! My opinions about flexible work-place arrangements and maternity leave were being heard by the most important people in the world — all because I started a blog!

My visit to the White House sparked a renewed interest in using my blog to transform the lives of women around me. If I was found by the highest office in the country without even trying, what would happen if I started trying?!

I found Elite Blog Academy because I followed the creator, Ruth Soukup. I began following her at the time when she was still a couponing blog, Living Well Spending Less, back when Extreme Couponing was on TLC and it was the hottest topic around. I was on her mailing list from years ago and kept seeing enrollment emails for this course and started to dig a little bit more into what it was.

It was the best investment I have made since starting in 2013. The course is intense and it is the best comprehensive course I’ve found on blogging and I’ve spent a lot of money on courses because I am what they call a “course junkie.”

I purchased in September 2015 and I started taking the course serious in January 2016. I finished the course in August 2016, right when I quit my corporate job and was about to launch my eBook.

I learn best when content is laid out in a logical manner and there is a way to see progress being made. Each step builds on each other.

This is not meant to be completed in one month.

Running an online business or blog is A LOT of work! You have to be in it for the long haul if you want to be successful.

Ruth shows you how to do that in this program.

My Blog Transformation: What I Learned From Elite Blog Academy

my honest review of Elite Blog Academy

Elite Blog Academy is broken down into four modules: Refine Your Message, Grow Your Audience, Monetize Your Blog, and Build Your Business.

My blog’s success is closely mapped to each of these four modules. This is why it’s so important to make sure you complete each module in order and DON’T SKIP ANY OF THE ASSIGNMENTS!

Module 1: Refine Your Message

As someone who already had a blog when I purchased EBA, it was tempting to skip the first module. I’m so glad I didn’t!

Let me introduce you to Kate. Kate is the avatar Ruth helped me identify in assignment 3.

Kate is more than a bunch of generic facts like age, gender, location, marital status, number of kids, etc.

Kate represents the hopes, dreams, challenges, and struggles of the person I am trying to serve in my blog posts and weekly emails.

Every day I sit down to write to Kate, I ask myself…

What is Kate’s felt need? What can I write to Kate that will compel her to take transformative action in her life?

Not everyone who follows you will fit your Kate perfectly and that’s why most people skip over the avatar exercise because it’s hard to alienate people who might be a potential customer.

I struggle with this almost daily.

Kate is a working mom who doesn’t feel guilty about working. She doesn’t want to be a SAHM and she’s confident in her decision. She is a working professional. She’s classified as an older millennial. She has the work ethic of a Gen-Xer but the social ideals of a younger millennial. She started her career several years before having kids and now she’s at a crossroads. She still wants to work and use her professional skills but she feels like the balance of time is always at work and never with her family. She craves a more flexible work environment but doesn’t feel she can achieve that in her current circumstances. She’s looking for a solution that will allow her to work from home and repurpose her skills. She will not keep her kids at home with her when she works but she will bend her work schedule around her children’s needs.

Takeaway: Name your avatar and only talk to her. The more dialed in your message is, the more successful you will be. It may feel counterintuitive but this is the real secret to being a successful blogger.

Module 2: Grow Your Audience

This module is where the magic happens. You’ll start building your email list, networking with other bloggers, and getting your content seen on social media.

Blogging is NOT about your blog, it’s about your email list!

I strongly believe I would not be making a full-time income if it wasn’t for my email list.

It’s encouraging to hear a very successful blogger (Ruth) confirm this fact.

Ruth is constantly reiterating that success rests with your email list. Your blog is the start of your funnel. Your blog is an entry point to bring people to your email list.

So often bloggers get caught up in page views and they forget they’re missing a key opportunity. An email address gives you a one-way ticket inside of a potential customer’s most valuable digital space — their inbox.

Think about it, what good does a 30-second page view from Pinterest do for you? (This is the exact reason I created my course, Pin Practical Masterclass). The chances of a person ever coming back to your blog again are incredibly slim unless you can pop into their inbox and regularly remind them you exist!

Takeaway: If you want to turn your blog into a business, you must have an active and engaged email list.

Module 3: Monetize Your Blog

Show me the money!!!

As I mentioned earlier, I make 75% of my income from my own products and 25% from affiliate promotions. Ruth dives deep into both topics in this module.

Thanks to following EBA’s advice, I have over 25,000 students enrolled in my courses!

EBA shows you how to create your first baby seed launch which is exactly what I did when I launched my first course, Busy Moms Building.

I have since gone on to create an entire product suite under the Redefining Mom brand. I use both the evergreen and launching models to consistently bring in $30,000+ in revenue from my products each month.

In November 2017, I followed EBA’s Product Launch Playbook and the baby seed launch from unit 8 and sold an advanced level course on promoted pins to 20 people before it was even created. This was my beta group.

In January 2018, I launched the course, Pin Practical Promotions, to my email list and 65 people enrolled! I used the tactics Ruth teaches in unit 9 to nail my sales copy. I focused heavily on compelling testimonials from the beta group.

As of February 2019, this course has gone on to earn multiple 6-figures as I continue to refine my launches.

Takeaway: As Ruth says in unit 8, it’s time to rip off the band-aid and launch your first product. You won’t regret it!

Module 4: Build Your Business

This is the amazing part of EBA, your work is never done. My blog is now a business that provides more than a full-time income for my family. I’m still learning and implementing from Elite Blog Academy.

If you really want to be successful as a blogger, you must treat your blog like a business. The entire last module of EBA is dedicated to showing you how to structure your blog like a business.

In 2019, I worked on unit 12, building my team.

As a self-proclaimed, hyper type-a person, delegating is not easy for me. It’s one of the areas I struggle with most in my business. Ruth teaches how to lead effectively and how to hire the right people. 

Takeaway: Your blog is only a business if you treat it like a business and act as the CEO.

Elite Blog Academy Provided The ONE Thing Corporate America Could NOT…

…Maternity leave on my own terms.

In 2018, I gave birth to my second baby girl. It took me five years to consider getting pregnant again after my rough transition back to the corporate world and suffering from postpartum PTSD.

Blogging has provided so much to my family and I. I am forever grateful that I found EBA and was able to repurpose my corporate marketing skills in the blogging world.

I don’t feel like I walked away from a career or my Masters in Business (MBA). Instead, I believe EBA helped me realize my full potential and take control of my circumstances.

Without EBA, I’d still be facing 12 hour days in corporate, traveling all the time, and barely seeing my daughter.

But now, I’ve built a solid business foundation that has allowed me to continue earning a full-time income while adjusting my schedule to 20 hours a week while dealing with the demands of pregnancy and a newborn.

After my second baby was born, no one is pushing me to put her in daycare and return to a demanding office job.

Since I took the time to build a solid foundation following EBA, I was able to self-fund my own maternity leave. The best part? My blog continued to make money even when I was not actively working.

In fact, up until that point, I had the highest profit months in my business during my maternity leave!

I get to make decisions based on what’s best for my family and me because of blogging. There’s no other career that allows the flexibility I’ve received from seeing EBA through to the end. I’m so happy I didn’t give up.

You can do this too!

Filming Elite Blog Academy 4.0

In October 2018, all of my hard work with Elite Blog Academy came to fruition! Ruth invited me down to Tampa to film the new version of the course, EBA 4.0. (which has since had several more updates for 2020!)

Honestly, who would have thought that a blog I started to vent my frustrations about being a working mom would turn into a real business?

I know firsthand that EBA 4.0 is going to be a game-changer. I hope you’ll be joining us inside the EBA community this year!

Frequently Asked Questions About Elite Blog Academy

#1 I am completely new to blogging and feel extremely overwhelmed by all of the information out there. Will EBA help me?

Absolutely, especially with this year’s early bird bonus ​What The Tech?!​ which includes dozens of tech video tutorials to help you get started!

What I love most about EBA is that Ruth built it as building blocks. Instead of throwing a bunch of advanced strategies at you and sending you on your way, she builds each concept off of the last one. EBA will lead you through 12 different units and 36 assignments. EBA teaches you how to be intentional with your blog so that you don’t waste time spinning your wheels.

Because EBA was built to be taken in 12 unique steps, it stops you from getting overwhelmed with too much information coming at you all at once!

Are you ready? Awesome! Click here to enroll in Elite Blog Academy

#2 I’ve been blogging for a while and feel like I’ve got the basics (and maybe some advanced strategies) figured out. Will EBA help me move forward?

YES, YES, and YES again! Oh my gosh, I cannot speak enough to this point. When I bought EBA, I had been blogging for 2 years and my corporate career was in marketing. I understood all of the strategies and techniques, the problem was implementing them in a way that actually made me money.

EBA is designed to help beginners, intermediate, and advanced bloggers because it teaches you how to think differently about your blog. When I first opened EBA, I wanted to skip the first 4 units because I felt like I had already built the foundation that I needed. Luckily, I followed Ruth’s advice and forced myself to do every single unit and assignment. I am so glad that I did! I ended up completely rebranding my blog based on the exercises I did in the first 4 units!

EBA also covers how to treat your blog like a business. You’ll learn how to structure your mission statement, core values, and grow a team. It is truly a comprehensive course on blogging as a business.

It took me eight months to complete the entire course and in the end, I quit my corporate job. EBA is absolutely valuable even if you’ve been blogging for a while.

Click here to enroll in Elite Blog Academy

#3 But seriously, is it worth the $1,097 price tag?

$1,097 is definitely an investment and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. The course material is no doubt worth the price. The real question, I think, is whether you are willing to take the time to invest in applying what you learn in EBA.

If you plan on purchasing EBA and putting it on the shelf like “all those other courses” you’ve purchased, then no, it’s not worth the price tag. If you’re serious about turning your blog into a business, there’s no other course that has been as effective for me as EBA–and I’ve spent OVER $100,000 on online courses/education easily!

#4 Is there any circumstance in which you wouldn’t recommend EBA?

I will never tell anyone to spend money that they don’t have or that would put their family at risk. I do not support sales tactics that encourage people to spend money that puts them in a bad situation.

If you are running a blog making over $10k/month and understand how to leverage additional revenue streams in the future, you may not benefit as much from EBA.

EBA is heavily focused on email list growth and product launching for revenue. Product creation can be physical or digital.

It is not required to launch a product to be successful with EBA but I do believe it is one of the biggest benefits of the course.

#5 I run a successful business but I want to grow my reach with blogging, will EBA help?

YES! I have seen many business owners set up successful businesses without a blog. However, blogging is an amazing way to bring in new leads and nurture your audience. Content creation opens up many paths to additional revenue.

If you’re looking for ways to reach new people, EBA will help you do that.

#6 Will EBA make me money?

YES, EBA can totally make you money, IF you are willing to invest the time into completing all of the assignments.

Everyone’s journey to making money with EBA will be different. EBA provides you with a framework to build a successful business. The way you choose to implement the framework will be unique to you.

#7 I’m ready to purchase but my spouse thinks it’s not a good idea. Any advice on how to change their mind?

This is a great question because my husband also did not think EBA was a good idea at first. Let me give you a little bit of background about my experience.

When I invested in EBA, blogging was a hobby for me. I had a feeling that it could be more and I desperately wanted to get out of my 11-year corporate tech career.

Look at it like this: what do you spend on your current hobbies a year?

I confess that I didn’t tell my husband until AFTER I made the purchase. When he gave me the side-eye about it, I asked him how much beer league hockey cost and the hundreds of records he seems to buy each year.

Now, here’s the crazy part, my husband’s hobbies have never repaid us a dime, but EBA sure has repaid us 100000x over!

Technically, I didn’t negotiate with him on EBA. After I purchased EBA, I now use the hobby logic on him all the time!

Here’s what the worst and best-case scenarios were for me:

WORST: You invest in EBA and find out you just want to keep blogging as a hobby. Cool, you would have spent more than that on your hobby throughout the year anyway.

BEST: You make a full-time income blogging after taking EBA and it turns out to be the best investment in a hobby EVER!

This is how I break it down in my head. Does it help you at all?

#8 Will I have access to Ruth after I purchase the course?

This is a popular question and I understand why that matters to you with a $1,097 investment.

First, I want to keep it real with you. Ruth runs a very successful business with 10-ish employees. She has over 10,000 students to serve inside of EBA. I want to be clear that I would not find it reasonable for her to be able to personally respond to everyone. This is why she has a team and a group of amazing (and successful) alumni helping her.

Second, Ruth makes sure she is present in the Facebook community for EBA. In 2018 and 2019, she went live and answered questions almost every single Friday. In fact, those live Q&As are on my calendar every week because they are so valuable!

Third, EBA is a self-paced course (unless you choose the platinum guided option). The idea is that you fit it into your schedule.

As with most things in life, you’ll get out of EBA what you put in. This will take time and discipline on your side to complete and see results.

#9 Can you explain the different packages being offered this year?

Of course! There are three price levels offered this year.


$1,097 paid in full or 4 payments of $297

-EBA Course
-EBA Facebook Community
-Do It Scared Book


$1,597 paid in full or 5 payments of $377

-Everything in Silver
-The Home Business Starter Kit ($297 value)
-Social Boom ($297 value)
-Facebook Ads training ($197 value)
-Activate 2017 & 2018 videos ($597 value)
-Irresistible Email course ($297 value)
-Create Your Perfect Product workshop videos ($297 value)
-Build Your Business workshop videos ($297 value)
-EBA Product Launch Playbook ($297 value)


$4,997 paid in full or 6 payments of $947

-Everything in Gold
-Guided study option with a dated syllabus
-Direct feedback on 3 key assignments
-Weekly meetings with Ruth for group lessons
-Live 1-day workshop hosted by Ruth Soukup ($2497 value)
-Personalized website audit by Ruth Soukup and team ($497 value)

#10 How long will EBA take me to complete? How long will I have access to EBA?

It took me eight months to complete EBA from start to finish. The amount of time it will take you to complete EBA is largely based on how much time you dedicate towards working through the course materials. I spent about 10 hours a week on building my blog during those eight months.

You’ll have access to EBA for as long as it exists! PLUS, Ruth offers an amazing return policy.

OKAY! I’m ready to enroll in Elite Blog Academy!

How Do I Get Started?