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If you want to celebrate this Christmas on a budget, read on! I’ll be teaching you how to save some cash while having all the fun!

We all love shopping for friends and family during the Christmas season, but that can get really expensive. There are lots of ways to help you save this Christmas Holiday. You can make your own gifts, use coupons while shopping and even just saying no to all the holiday party invites.

Most important though, is setting a budget that can really help with spending less and preparing you for the upcoming Christmas season. 

How to have Christmas on a Budget  

christmas on a budgetchristmas on a budget

Before the Christmas season, it is important to start planning your Christmas budget. Grab a notebook you aren’t using or find a Christmas planner online to help you set your budget and stay organized.

You will want to start making a list of all your Christmas festivities, gifts and cooking. After you have compiled your list, set how much you will need to spend for each gift and event.  

If you start early enough, you will have more time to find ways to save money by finding deals and coupons to help you save even more.

Once you work out how much you want to spend on people for presents and set your budget for decorations, food and whatever else you think you will need, you must stick to the budget you just created.

Having a budget set before you start your shopping can help you stick to having a Christmas on a Budget this year. 

10 Simple Ways to have Christmas on a Budget

Use coupons and/or Shop at discount stores

christmas on a budgetchristmas on a budget

Try searching for sites that offer savings, free shipping, or even cash back. Start following all your favorite retailers on social media. The earlier you set your Christmas budget, the sooner you can take advantage of sales and free shipping. Shipping and full price add up fast. When you can avoid these extra costs, you can really cut your Christmas spending down. 

Say No to Random Gift Exchanges

christmas on a budgetchristmas on a budget

You can still attend a party but not participate in their gift exchanges. Just because the invite said to bring a white elephant gift doesn’t mean you have to buy a gift to attend the party. You can sit and watch the game and not play or simply say no thanks to the invite.

By not attending all the random gift exchanges you get invited to each year, you can really save money on unnecessary purchases. 

Save on wrapping

Save on wrappingSave on wrapping

To help trim your Christmas budget, try using fewer bows and ribbons. These items really add up quickly.

Just browse your local dollar store for all your wrapping needs where you can get a lot of paper for just a few bucks.

Also, a little tip to help save money on wrapping is to start saving all your cardboard boxes that come in the mail to wrap your gifts in. 

Share your Talents

Share your TalentsShare your Talents

If you are a great baker, knitter, or even excellent in woodworking, consider giving your talent as a gift versus buying a gift from the store. You will be surprised how much money this saves.

You likely already have all the things you need at home to knit a new scarf or bake a pie to give to your long list of teachers that need gifts this Christmas season. 

Do a Gift Exchange

Do a Gift ExchangeDo a Gift Exchange

Instead of buying everyone on your list a present, you can draw names and set a price limit. You will find this is a great way to have Christmas on a budget if you come from a big family where gift-giving can get pricey once adding every child, sibling, and spouses to your gift buying list.

If you want to really save money, suggest that the adults don’t even exchange gifts and only buy gifts for the kids. 

Cut down on decorations

Cut down on decorationsCut down on decorations

There are a lot of decorations you do not really need to celebrate Christmas. Don’t spend massive amounts of money on outside lights; just keep it to a minimum. This will help save on the power bill. 

To save money you can also cut down on buying. There is no need to buy all the new nifty Christmas decorations that you can make at home. Try making your own ornaments from dough or even popsicle stick ornaments are always a hit with my kids. 

Use Cash Only 

Use Cash OnlyUse Cash Only

Once you have set your budget, make separate envelopes with the amount of chase budgeted for each item. Write on the outside what that money is for and the amount budgeted. Use the back of the envelope to keep track of what was spent and the amount left.

Stick to the amount you budgeted for; when the cash is gone, do not resort to credit cards.

Invest in an Artificial Tree

Invest in an Artificial TreeInvest in an Artificial Tree

Buying a real live tree every year is costly. Shop after Christmas sales and buy a discounted Christmas tree. Look for an artificial tree that is already pre-lit

A pre-lit tree helps you save not only on purchasing a tree, but replacing the lights that usually go bad after every season.

Delegate out 

Delegate outDelegate out

If you are hosting your family’s Christmas dinner this year, delegate items out to family members. Assign someone to bring plates, napkins, and utensils.

I suggest even making a menu and sending it out via group text or an email and asking for family members to claim the item they will cook and bring.

This will help tremendously on cutting down the price you spend on food this Christmas. 

Cheap Gift Ideas

Cheap Gift IdeasCheap Gift Ideas

Your friends and family do not want you stretching yourself thin buying gifts for them. If you feel a gift is still important to give then try purchasing these gifts to help save you money but still give a thoughtful gift. 

With these 10 Simple ways to have Christmas on a budget you can really cut back on spending this Christmas season and stick to the budget you set. 

What other things do you do to help stick to your Christmas Budget?

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