There’s probably a lot of things you want in your nursery, from cribs to changing tables, but I’m here to tell you that your top priority should be finding the best nursery glider for mom. I know it seems like your baby needs so many things, but guess what? All they really need is you.

Having a great nursery glider will make you want to spend time in their room and allow the two of you plenty of time for cuddles in a comfy spot. This is going to be the spot you do late-night feedings in, read your baby’s first books to them in, and hopefully even catch a few naps yourself in while your baby sleeps in the crib (fingers crossed). All the really important stuff!

You might be like, well what really makes a nursery glider any different than a normal chair? Our rookie mom squad took a look at the best nursery gliders of 2021 and see what makes them so special. 

The 15 Best Nursery Gliders for 2021! – Why We’re Obsessed with these Gliders!

nursery glidernursery glider

Pottery Barn is just one of those things you cannot go wrong with. You can trust that you’re purchasing a high-quality, well-made product which is super important considering how much time you will spend in this chair.

It is so comfy that you might not really mind just falling asleep right in it. Need an even better reason to sleep in your nursery glider? This one reclines all the way back with ease. As with all Pottery Barn items, there’s a lot of options when it comes to this chair from fabrics to color to automatic/manual. Check Latest Prices Here!

Best Nursery Glider - Pottery BarnBest Nursery Glider - Pottery Barn

Our other favorite Pottery Barn Glider is this super adorable and modern Paxton Recliner and Rocker. Besides its absolute adorable look, you know with Pottery Barn that the chair is very well constructed. In addition, this is one of the best nursery gliders because it is  GREENGUARD Gold Certified which means this glider meets or exceeds stringent chemical emissions standards.

One of the other great features of this rocker is its ability to swivel a full 360 degrees which is great for those times you might want to change your view to a window or maybe your favorite show on Netflix. Check Current Prices Here!

If you are looking for luxurious comfort and sleek style, there is nowhere to turn but the Nurture& Glider. With its birchwood frame and extra padded cushions, you will feel comfortable and supported while spending precious time with your bundle of joy. The chair has fully adaptable power allowing you to easily adjust your head, legs, and back at the touch of a button. It can be hard to get comfy with a baby in your arms, but this chair makes it a breeze. Trust me, you will appreciate it. 

As for style, it comes in Ivory, Gray, and Navy Blue and will fit into any nursery seamlessly. The stain-resistant fabric will also keep this chair looking new for many years to come! Check out the latest prices here!

Project 62 Esters Rocking Accent Chair – Best Affordable Nursery Rocking Chair

Fuzzy Sherpa material is in, and I sure hope it isn’t going anywhere soon. I think this is one of the cutest and best nursery rocking chair. It is such a fun way to bring texture into a room, especially a nursery. Even better, this chair is set at a great price. It can also be placed elsewhere in your home flawlessly once your babies are grown. You can buy your accent chair here!

Swivel Gliding Reclining Glider by Karla Dubois

Karla Dubois Swivel Gliding Reclining GliderKarla Dubois Swivel Gliding Reclining Glider

The Karla Dubois Glider is such a nice and clean looking glider, great for a gender neutral nursery. This is a is very elegant looking chair and quite comfortable. It’s in the middle of soft and firm, so mama can relax, but it is also supportive for the back and core.

If you are tall 6′ and above then this chair is too small, however if you are 5’0″ to 5’9″ this chair is truly the perfect size. It is also very easy to assemble. We love this chair.

best nursery gliderbest nursery glider

The Aisley reclining glider is a new addition to our best nursery gliders list. The reviews will tell you why, with over 4,000 reviews this glider has 4 1/2 stars.

We tried out this glider, it is 63″ long so it is definitely not for someone who is taller than 6 feet. The chair is soft and supportive. When the chair is in the reclined position it does not rock which I personally prefer as I do not like rocking while lying back.

The color and style are perfect for someone who has either a traditional or modern nursery.

Best nursing glider rclinerBest nursing glider rcliner

If you are looking for a glider that doubles as a recliner than without a doubt this is the best nursery glider recliner combo on the market. The Naomi Home Odelia Swivel rocker lies almost completely flat for those mamas who need a well deserved nap. It does not rocks in the full reclined position, which is nice because I have not found a scenario where I wanted to rock while fully lying down. The fabric is super soft and you will find this chair quite comfortable, comfortable enough to sleep on (trust me). You can check out current prices of this chair here!

This is one of the best nursery gliders just because it includes everything you need at a reasonable price. It’ll be one of the comfiest chairs you ever have in your home, and It comes in three different neutral colors so you can surely match it to the room it needs to be in. You can swivel 360 degrees in this chair so smoothly making everything seem just within reach! Check current prices here!

Best Nursery GliderBest Nursery Glider

This rocker tops my list just because it’s a little bit different than anything else. It has room for two people to sit!! This means some parent bonding or maybe some older sibling inclusion. Or maybe mom just needs some room to stretch out while she’s nursing! It truly is one of the best nursery rocking chair, see our favorite below. 

It’s basically a bench on a rocker, and I don’t know about you but that just sounds like the best idea ever to me. You can also add on the ottoman, which is extra wide. It comes in a nice taupe or beige color that you can match with any nursery theme you have going. Check Current Price Here!

Best Nursery GliderBest Nursery Glider

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t be able to include this chair on the best nursery glider list because it isn’t really a glider. It’s just my absolute favorite rocker, though, so I can’t leave it off! The perfect balance between vintage and brand new.

It’s wooden with chic black and white striped cushions. Many moms rave that the chair is set at the perfect recline for them to nurse or cuddle their baby, which should relieve some fears about not being able to change it up much. This is one of those great buys because when you no longer need a nursery, it can still sit nicely just about anywhere in your home. Check current prices here!

Best Nursery GliderBest Nursery Glider

It’s not all about looks, but hey it is kind of about looks. After all, you will be seeing a lot of this chair. This makes my best nursery glider list because you just can’t find anything more trendy. On top of being one of the prettiest accessories for your nursery, it’s extra wide and has a thick cushion.

It also comes with a handy lumbar pillow, which will save you during feedings more times than you think. I also love the sleek metal that makes up the base and the matching ottoman. While this seat comes at a cost, it’s really worth the investment! Check current prices here!

Best Nursery GliderBest Nursery Glider

Take a look at this chair and tell me you don’t just want to sit down in it. It is a favorite among many new moms & dads, probably because it can be converted from a nursery chair to a normal house chair. You simply remove the rocker legs and voila! This chair comes in grey, beige, or ivory which may not seem exciting but will last you many years of household changes. Check current prices here!

best nursery glider best nursery glider

If you glanced quickly at this chair, I am not sure you would believe it actually belonged in a nursery. Yet, its whisper like a recliner and super smooth swivel action is made just for that. You can keep your feet up when this chair is in full recline because the bottom pops up into a footrest. P.S. If you are expecting a little princess, you have to check out the blush color that this chair comes in. It is dreamy! Check current prices here!

Best nursery gliderBest nursery glider

There’s just something about the look of an old-fashioned rocking chair, and that’s exactly the vibe this Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman will give you. Even though it’s shaped like a rocking chair, it’s got extra soft padding that could only be from this decade. You’ll sink right in. Not to mention the handy pockets built into the side which are perfect for storing whatever extras you & baby might need. You will also be happy to know that assembly is a piece of cake and so is cleaning it off in the case of future messes. Check current prices here!

There is no way this list could be complete without at least one other Pottery Barn glider option! While we first brought you the traditional Wingback, the Radcliffe is a bit more unique. Not to mention, it will be a beautiful addition to any home. It rocks very quietly and is sturdy for easy getting up. It might just become your favorite spot to nap! Here is pricing information.

Every mama deserves some luxury in her life, and this chair is the best way to give her some. It is one of the comfiest chairs on this list and its gliding mechanism is super smooth. There is a wide range of colors and fabrics to choose from so you can find the perfect fit for any nursery. Personally, I am obsessed with the Blush Velvet. Check this chair out!

This seat comes with a great price tag, especially considering how comfortable it is to sit in. The seat is made of supportive spring core foam, which will make you want to stay in it all day long. You definitely won’t be missing out on any quality with this one. It glides very smoothly and gives you a full range of motion. Here is current pricing!

This chair at first through us a little off because there is nowhere to rest your feet. However, grab a little poof and this is one of the most comfortable chairs on the market.  The material is water-resistant, stain-resistant microsuede material. This allows you to keep it looking brand new through the years. It has 360-degree swivel motion and is super smooth. The seat is very spacious allowing for plenty of room to snuggle in and get comfy. Check it out here!

Pottery Barn Baby GliderPottery Barn Baby Glider

Yes, another Pottery Barn choice. The reason is, these chairs last a long time. You will find yourself using the same chair for all of your little ones. Our Pottery Barn glider was this one and lasted for all 5 (yes 5) kids. This fglider is great for tall parents with it’s deep seating it is easy for a mom to relax and put her feet up. Check it out here

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Pin for Later – Best Nursery Glider for 2020 – A Look at the Best of the Best

I’m here to tell you that your top priority should be finding the best nursery glider for mom. I know it seems like your baby needs so many things, but guess what? All they really need is you. You might be like, well what really makes a nursery glider any different than a normal chair? Our rookie mom squad took a look at the best nursery gliders of 2021 and see what makes them so special.I’m here to tell you that your top priority should be finding the best nursery glider for mom. I know it seems like your baby needs so many things, but guess what? All they really need is you. You might be like, well what really makes a nursery glider any different than a normal chair? Our rookie mom squad took a look at the best nursery gliders of 2021 and see what makes them so special.

Frequently asked questions about Nursery Gliders

Do I really need a nursery glider?

A nursery glider is definitely great and if you can afford it and have space for it, we recommend one. That being said, it is not a necessity. We love them for the comfort and having a special place for mom and the baby.

Is a glider or rocker better for nursery?

It really depends on the motion you enjoy. The rocker is a stronger up and down motion while a glider is more forward and back.

Are Pottery Barn Gliders Worth it?

We are some serious penny pinchers over here, but we still think it is worth it. The Pottery Barn Gliders last through multiple children, are incredibly comfortable and are easy to clean.