Dressing Your Bump for Fall- The Maternity Wardrobe Update You Need!

Dressing Your Bump for Fall- The Maternity Wardrobe Update You Need!

Keeping it real, if you are pregnant this fall you will probably spend most of your time in old oversized sweatshirts, leggings, or your husband’s pajama pants. However, for the rare occasions you do want to dress up (or snap a quick Instagram picture!), here are our favorite maternity must-haves to get you through the colder months.

maternity clothes for fall

We’ve included basic tees, cozy sweaters, flowy tops, and more in the hopes of helping you find a couple of pieces that you just can’t live without!

Click on the images below to shop our favorites!

What’s your fall maternity must-have?

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The Ultimate Guide to Traveling and Pumping

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling and Pumping

Manual breast pump and extra breastmilk in the background

Let me begin by saying that I am the mom to two precious girls.

After my second was born, I pumped exclusively. I knew that I would be traveling and pumping for my business and I had successfully pumped for my first daughter.

My milk supply was awesome; I was producing nearly double what she needed in a 24-hour period.

The first trip I did fine. I pumped. I dumped. It was all good.

As it turns out, during the first trip we had used up more of our stash than I realized and I barely had time to build it back up before I had to leave again. I had a busy travel season ahead of me and I knew that this simply wasn’t sustainable.

I was working so hard to pump while I was away and then I was pouring all that precious milk down the drain. So much work for nothing. My baby wasn’t even getting that milk.

I had originally decided to pump and dump so that I wouldn’t have to mess around with transporting breast milk through the airport. I was nervous about how to keep the milk properly temperature controlled for several days.

There was one thing I hadn’t expected when I made the decision to pump while traveling: where there airport nursing rooms?

On my second business trip, I was running through the airport to make my connecting flight but I needed to pump before boarding. And in that entire airport, an airport which thousands of women use every week, there was not one place I could go to pump in private.

And so there I was, about to miss my flight, needing to pump so I could dump the milk down the drain, and I had nowhere to go.

So what did I do? I cried.

I cried because I was so completely overwhelmed. Because I was working so hard to pump only to have to waste it all. Because my baby couldn’t even benefit from the time I was taking to pump.

I cried because I had booked too much travel as a way to deal with my postpartum PTSD and here I was in an airport, far away from home and totally stressed out. I missed my baby and I couldn’t even get my milk to her.

And I got angry.

I was angry over the fact that in a major airport, there wasn’t a single space set aside for a mom to sit for a few minutes to nurse or to pump for her baby.

Angry that society doesn’t see the need for accommodations for moms who are the sole source of nutrition for their babies. And angry that all my milk was going to waste.

So yes, there I was. A working mom on a business trip. Having a meltdown in an airport.

I knew there had to be a better way and I was determined to find it.

How to Pump Breast Milk While Traveling Without Your Baby

Not only did I face the issue of not having a private place to pump but I wanted my baby to be able to have fresh milk, not just milk I had been stashing in the freezer.

But how do you get fresh milk to your baby if you are on a 3-5 day business trip? How do women successfully breastfeed their babies while also building their business or excelling in their career?

How could I stop the pump and dump cycle I was in that was causing me so much distress?

Traveling and Pumping Tip #1 – Ship Your Breast Milk Home!

Enter Milk Stork.

Please note: Milk Stork provided me with a coupon code to try out their services in exchange for an honest review. My number one priority is to make sure I am giving you tips that actually help you on your breastfeeding journey as a working mom. The following opinion about Milk Stork is 100% my own.

Milk Stork provides a solution for moms who are traveling and want to send milk home to her baby. Some of the wonderful ways Milk Stork changes the breastfeeding game are –

  • You decide when to wean your baby. No more weaning just because your travel schedule is hectic or because it’s too difficult to travel and breastfeed.
  • You don’t have to try to build up a ridiculous amount of milk to stash before your trip. Your baby can have fresh milk even while you are away.
  • No more spoiled milk by trying to pack it yourself. If you’ve ever dealt with freezer gel packs and leaking bags of milk, you know how depressing it is to have to throw away bad milk.
  • You won’t need to pump and dump. Say goodbye to the awful cycle of working so hard to pump and then watching it go down the drain.

How to Transport Breast Milk Home to Your Baby Anytime

Milk Stork works because they use the fastest shipping methods available to get your fresh milk home to your baby while you are traveling. You can pump today and have that milk to your baby tomorrow. (*Note – your milk has to be refrigerated before placing it in the cooler pack.)

One of the biggest questions I faced was: How can I keep my breastmilk cold while traveling?

Milk Stork provides you with a cooler pack and freezer bags so that you can pump and then take the milk back home with you.

Either way, you choose, to take it home yourself or to have it shipped home overnight, you can rest assured that you won’t be watching any more of that precious breastmilk go down the drain.

There are different packages available depending on how much milk you produce, the length of your trip, and your baby’s needs back at home. You can even combine your order, shipping milk home the first few days of your trip and then taking the last day’s worth home with you in one of their cooler packs.

On one trip, I shipped half of my fresh supply back to my mother-in-law and half back to my house. It was amazing! My baby was eating fresh milk from me while I was 3,000 miles away. The milk always returned fresh. I had no issues with any of my breast milk spoiling.

To get an idea of how the service works. I created a video to show you what it looks like when the box arrives to your hotel and the process for packing it back up to ship overnight via FedEx.

Traveling and Pumping Tip #2 – Bring the Right Pumping Supplies

While Milk Stork does solve the problem of getting your fresh milk home for your baby, it doesn’t solve the problem of the lack of support for breastfeeding mothers, and especially breastfeeding mothers who travel for business.

We still have a long way to go with maternity laws in the United States for mothers to be able to succeed in their careers while providing nourishment for their babies at the same time.

Pumping Essentials for Traveling Moms

  • The best traveling breast pump. Medela Pump in Style or Medela Freestyle are the pumps that I prefer. I use the Pump in Style while in the hotel and the Freestyle while on the plane or at conferences.
  • Freezer bags. The Lansinoh bags are the best ones I have found. Absolutely no leaking, strong and sturdy bags.
  • Cleaning wipes. Cleaning pump parts while traveling can certainly be challenging. You certainly won’t always have access to a soap and hot water situation when pumping while traveling. These Medela cleaning wipes are great to hold you over until you get to your hotel.
  • Extra supplies. You’ll want extra tubing, flanges, bottles, caps, etc. Anything you use for pumping, pack more than one. And it goes without saying to pack this stuff in a carry-on and not in your luggage. You want it to end up where you end up.
  • Breastfeeding cover. Because you might have to pump on the plane. (Yes, I have totally done exactly that. And yes, I got looks. And no, it doesn’t bother me.)
  • Bottle brush, dish soap, zip lock bags, and paper towels. You need to be able to wash everything when you arrive at your hotel.

Bonus: I adore using Dr. Brown’s bottles both for pumping and feeding my little one. I found them when my first had colic and I’ve never looked back!

Traveling and Pumping Tip #3 – Keep Your Pumping Supplies Organized

If you’ve decided to pump while you are away from home on business or for whatever reason, you need to prepare ahead of time in order to be successful. Don’t leave anything to chance or you might find yourself on the floor of an airport crying like me.

Here is my list of things I need to do in order to avoid the pump and dump cycle.

  1. The first thing you want to do is make a list. Write down everything you will need to pump while you’re gone. Check that list twice and then check it again. Read it out loud to yourself and to someone who can help you check it.
  2. Find out ahead of time if the airport[s] you are using has a dedicated nursing area. If not, consider using another airport that does.
  3. Don’t schedule your flights too tightly. You need to leave enough time to disembark, pump, and still make your connection. Nursing requires relaxing enough to let your milk flow. Being stressed that you are going to miss your flight is not the best way to successfully nurse in an airport.
  4. Know those darn TSA policies on breastfeeding, breast pumps, and breastmilk.
  5. Consider calling the airport to have notes added to your account or for clarification on the airline’s policies for breastfeeding mothers.
  6. Call your hotel ahead of time and make sure they have a refrigerator in your room.

Traveling and Pumping Tip #4 – Set Up Your Hotel Room for Pumping Success

Once you have safely arrived at your hotel, be sure to refrigerate any milk that is not already refrigerated. Wash the bottles and breast pump parts you used while traveling that day.

If you set up an account with Milk Stork, you may find that they have already left the cooler box at your hotel for you.

In the video above, I show you how the package comes to you and exactly how to pack the milk and get it ready to ship back home. It’s super easy to work with and my box was waiting at my hotel when I arrived.

You do need to check with your hotel and make sure that they have FedEx delivery since Milk Stork works with FedEx.

The one thing you need to make sure of is that FedEx will also pick up your box to ship it home.

Sometimes this will not be the case and you will need to get that box to FedEx yourself. Just know ahead of time if you need to transport the box to FedEx and plan to get an Uber to get that done.

Traveling and Pumping Tip #5 – Keep a POSITIVE Attitude About Pumping

If you want to breastfeed your baby but you still need to travel for work or for your business, I want you to know that it is doable.

It is certainly not a perfect system and we need to make a lot of changes as a society that make it easier for women to provide for their families while also providing for their babies.

You may find yourself in situations like I have where there is no private place to pump. If you do, slap that nursing cover over your head and sit right down and pump. Don’t let the attitudes or stares of others hinder what you are doing for your baby.

Believe me, I had businessmen in first class look at me sideways when I pulled out my breast pump and began pumping right there in my seat. But you know what? I didn’t care.

My baby needed my milk and the only way to get it to her while I was traveling was to pump.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy for us to provide fresh milk for our babies back home while we are away but I am relieved to know that there are companies out there that understand our needs and are finding ways to accommodate moms who have to travel but still want to provide for their little ones.

Are you a traveling mom who pumps? I want to hear from you about your experiences and how you have handled pumping while traveling. Comment below and let me know how you have made it work and any tips or tricks you have that make it more doable.

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Surviving an 8-Hour Road Trip with a Baby

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Manual breast pump and extra breastmilk in the background

10 Must Have Baby Essentials Every Second Time Mom Needs

10 Must Have Baby Essentials Every Second Time Mom Needs

10 must have baby essentials for second time moms. Find the perfect baby gift for new moms or second time moms. Must have items for second baby. Second baby shower gift ideas. #babyregistry #baby #pregnancy #newbaby #newborn

As you may know, if you’ve been reading Redefining Mom for any time at all, I recently gave birth to our second baby girl. After a traumatic first birth experience and working through the resulting postpartum PTSD, I was happy to be able to begin thinking about the fun part of expecting a new baby.

What’s the fun part, you ask? That’s easy…it’s buying all the cute things you need for a new baby!

Here is my list of 10 must-have baby essentials for second-time moms!

second baby essential checklist

Do I Really Need More Stuff?

Granted, once you’ve had a child, you don’t need quite as much the second time around. You probably have most of the basics taken care of unless you got rid of everything for some reason or you need to replace worn items.

On the other hand, if you have all the basics taken care of, now may be a great time to invest in some of those “extra” things that you know will make life easier as a mother of more than one child. Things like having a swing for each floor of your house or a car seat for each car can be a real asset.

We live in a rather small house for a family of 4 so I knew I couldn’t go overboard on a wish list for our second baby girl, but I also knew there were things that would make having a newborn along with a 5-year-old much more doable and way less stressful for me on a daily basis.

Before I went on a shopping spree, I asked the wonderful ladies in my Facebook group what their favorite “must-haves” were for second babies. These women never disappoint with their willingness to share and this was no exception.

Thanks to their suggestions, I went into my second birth feeling pretty secure that I would be set up for success once baby girl and I came home. And so far, I was right. I am thoroughly enjoying everything we invested in this second time around and would highly recommend that you go through the list and pick some things that would be a help to you as you go from Mommy of 1 to Mommy of 2!

10 Baby Essentials I Can’t Live Without in 2020

Now that my second baby is 5 months old, I am keeping an updated list of everything we’re using over on Amazon. As I find new things that make my life easier, I’m adding them to my New Baby Essentials List!

a list of all the baby essentials a second time mom needs for her baby registry

There were a few items that were mentioned over and over again in the Facebook thread. When more than a couple of moms tell me that I have to have a certain item, I listen. The following 3 items are the things I deemed a priority when I knew baby girl #2 was on her way.

#1- Dock-A-Tot

When you are considering items to purchase for a second child, you have to be careful not to let “stuff” overtake your house. I am always looking for items that serve more than one purpose and the DockATot does just that. It serves as a multi-function lounger, a co-sleeper and transition helper for toddlers.

Handmade in Europe of 100% natural cotton, the DockATot creates the ideal microclimate for both babies and toddlers and is the perfect solution for the toddler-bed transition.

second baby in dockatot


The DockATot comes in 2 sizes, Deluxe for 0-8 months and Grand for 9-36 months. Talk about multi-function! How many products can you get 3 years of use from when it comes to babies and toddlers?

As parents, we have to be extremely conscious of safety, especially when it comes to our children’s sleeping arrangement. With the DockATot, you can relax. It is OEKO-TEX certified and has been tested for breathability. You can feel good about putting your child to bed knowing they are in a safe environment.

I found the DockATot to be a lifesaver after my c-section. No more bending over in pain to pick up the baby!

Learn more about DockATot.

2nd baby must haves that are perfect for your second baby shower

The Items That Save Mom’s Sanity

#2 Pack and Play

I lost track of how many women in the Facebook group mentioned this Pack and Play. This item is a lifesaver for many moms. The moms used words like, “amazing”, “saved my life”, “couldn’t have made it without my Pack and Play”.

I will add my own testimonial for the magic that is the Pack and Play. Having a solution that is portable and includes a changing table and storage is amazing.

#3 Baby Carrier or Wrap

Another popular thing to have for your second baby, which most moms called a must-have for baby #1 as well, is some type of baby carrier or wrap. Some of the favorites mentioned were the Moby, the Tula, and the Ergobaby 360.

#4 High-Quality Breast Pump

Whether you plan to breastfeed, bottle feed, or a mixture of both, having a high-quality breast pump is a must. Medela is the industry standard for breast pumps and is worth its weight in gold. If you have to or plan to pump, you need a Medela. I have the Medela Backpack Style Pump and I recently invested in the Medela Freestyle Pump for baby number two. I can’t stress enough how amazing it is to be able to pump hands free!

Update: After exclusively pumping for 9 months, I have to say the Medela Pump in Style backpack is far superior in suction and emptying both breasts efficiently. The only time I ended up using the Medela Freestyle Pump was when I had to pump on the plane because of its portability.

I traveled a whole ton while I was pumping with baby number two. Here are all of my traveling and pumping tips.

#5 A Stocked Bottle Station

A bottle station in the kitchen is convenient for dealing with daily washing, filling, drying of bottles, and for storing bags for breast milk. I use Medela’s products for pumping and Dr. Brown’s bottles for feeding. If you do plan to breastfeed, be sure to invest in some good quality nursing bras and tanks.

My absolute favorite bottles are Dr. Brown’s. They reduce bubbles and helped tremendously with my first daughter’s colic.

Did you know? You can get a free 30-day trial to Amazon Family which includes 20% off of diaper subscriptions, Amazon Prime benefits, baby registry benefits, and much more!

Mama Just Wants Some Sleep

It’s almost a joke how little sleep moms get, except it’s not really funny. The thing is, it’s not just feeding and diaper changing and crying that keeps moms awake at night. Sometimes, it’s just mom anxiety.

Yes, that’s a thing and if you’re a mom, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Have you ever stood there, holding your finger under baby’s nose, to make sure she’s still breathing? Ever laid there watching the clock and wondering why he hasn’t woken up to eat yet? Ever counted the wet diapers in a day to be sure baby is going through the “right” amount? Or how about counting the ozs of milk taken if you’re bottle feeding or pumping and wondering if it’s enough or too much?

We moms don’t lack for things to worry about, do we?

#6 Angelcare Baby Monitor

Several moms mentioned an item that helped with one of those normal mom worries and that is the Angelcare baby monitor.  There are many, many baby monitors on the market but if you want the extra security of knowing that not only are you monitoring baby’s sounds and movements, but also his breathing, then the Angelcare is the one for you.

One of my biggest fears as a new mom was that my baby would stop breathing during the night or during a nap and that I wouldn’t know it. The Angelcare monitor provides that feeling of security so that you can actually sleep when the baby sleeps without feeling anxious. And for an exhausted mom of 2, that’s a pretty big deal.

When You Just Need Life to Be Easier

Being a mom is a lot of hard work. Bringing home baby #2 while caring for your first child adds a whole ‘nother level of hard! Several things were mentioned by the Facebook group that are pretty much sheer convenience items…but if you have 2 kids and 1 of them is a newborn, convenience sometimes turns into a necessity.

#7 Diaper Changing Stations

Diaper changing stations are a huge deal. Just think, or maybe don’t, about how many diaper changes you did on your first child. It’s a scary number to consider. Having baskets containing diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, changing pads, and extra outfits for those blow-outs, on each floor of your home, as well as in any room where you expect to be changing baby, is a no-brainer.

#8 NoseFrida

The NoseFrida I will admit is one of the scariest things I have ever contemplated using. Oh, the things moms will do.

Baby Travel Necessities

I am the queen of car seat safety. From making sure the clip is placed properly on the chest bone and the shoulder straps are properly placed. I also never let my kids wear winter coats while strapped into their seats. For our oldest, we buy a North Face every winter due to their slim designs.

#9 Infant Car Seat

After hours of research, we settled on the Chicco KeyFit 30 for both of our kids. Not only is it rated really well, its weight limit goes up to 30 lbs.

Our 6-year-old is still in her Chicco NextFit.

#10 Portable Infant Stroller

We are a very busy family and we travel a lot. After renting a double City Mini GT in Disney when our second was 5 months old and our oldest was five, we were sold! We bought a single for our youngest as soon as we got home. This is the cream of the crop when it comes to strollers. I’ve never pushed a stroller that was so easy to control with one hand. It’s smooth and turns so well, especially in crowds.

When my oldest was smaller, we used to use the Chicco Liteway Stroller.

My husband is 6’4″ and it was a great cheap alternative with enough height to make it easy for him to push too.

BONUS: Baby On The GO!

#11 – Binxy Baby

Okay, ladies, this thing is amazing. How many times have you tried to figure out how to get the baby car seat attached to the shopping cart with no luck? And if you set the seat inside the cart, you have just lost 75% of the space you need for groceries. What if you also have a toddler or preschooler who needs the actual cart seat? It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

The Binxy Baby solves every one of those problems. This is a high-quality shopping cart hammock that can hold up to 50 lbs. What? You don’t expect to have a baby that weighs 50 lbs?

I hear you. Get this though-this thing can hold the entire car seat with your baby in it. Let’s say you get to the grocery store and baby is sound asleep in her seat. No more having to wake her up to put her in the carrier or transfer her to another seat. Just lift the seat out of the car and put it right in the Binxy Baby. And voila! Baby is still sleeping and is secure and safe in the shopping cart.

The Binxy has been through rigorous safety testing and fits all standard-sized carts. It serves babies up to 8 months, but if your baby decides to sit up on her own before then, you’ll need another method for safe cart riding.

Use this link to save 10% on your Binxy Baby!

#12 – Smarter Swaddle

Most moms can tell you about the magic of swaddling. A baby can be flailing about, crying and unable to be soothed, and through the magic of swaddling, can go from frustrated to happily sleeping in just minutes.

Swaddling is important for several reasons.

  • Provides baby with a sense of security, resembling that of his mother’s womb
  • Helps baby to stay asleep on his back, ensuring safer sleep
  • Decreases the startle reflex, allowing for deeper sleep and less waking
  • Proven to reduce colic and general fussiness
  • Helps keep baby warm, aids in breastfeeding, and prevents overstimulation

What I love about the Smarter Swaddle are the extra features that you just can’t get from a standard baby blanket or swaddle. For example-

  • An opening at the bottom that makes changing diapers while swaddled super easy.
  • No overheating thanks to the moisture-wicking fabric.
  • A one-size baby item that allows a custom fit to meet the needs of your little one.
  • The Smarter Swaddle is machine wash and dry. Because what mom of littles has time to hand-wash anything?

Use this link to get 10% off your Smarter Swaddle!

Honorable mentions on the list were a double stroller and a pack-and-play with the infant attachment.

And that’s it, moms! A huge, but not exhaustive, list of the items my mom friends tell me they can’t live without. I would love it if you would leave a comment telling me your must-haves for your second baby.

Set Up Your Amazon Baby Registry

Did you know when you sign up for an Amazon baby registry you can save up to 15% on all the products you don’t end up receiving? Yep! That’s right. This was a lifesaver for us! Everything we threw out after our first daughter’s birth, we were able to rebuy at a lower cost.

Don’t wait, set up your Amazon Baby Registry!

Plus don’t forget to check out my list of New Baby Essentials. I’m keeping this list updated as I find new items that are making our lives easier.

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10 must have baby essentials for second time moms. Find the perfect baby gift for new moms or second time moms. Must have items for second baby. Second baby shower gift ideas. #babyregistry #baby #pregnancy #newbaby #newborn #secondbaby #secondtimemom #babygift

10 must have baby essentials for second time moms. Find the perfect baby gift for new moms or second time moms. Must have items for second baby. Second baby shower gift ideas. #babyregistry #baby #pregnancy #newbaby #newborn #secondbaby #secondtimemom #babygift
The Best Types of Pinterest Ads For Driving Sales

The Best Types of Pinterest Ads For Driving Sales

Are you ready to start investing in promoted pins on Pinterest? Then you need to know which types of Pinterest ads are the best!

With so much buzz in the online marketing space about Facebook Ads, it’s easy to overlook Pinterest ads. Don’t make this mistake!

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing paid advertising platforms available. Even better, Pinterest ads cost less than Facebook ads in many cases and drive better ROI (return on investment) for their users.

One of the ways you can drive down the cost of your promoted pin campaigns is by retargeting leads.

But before you can dive into retargeting leads on Pinterest, I bet you’re wondering which types of Pinterest ads work the best?

Today I’m going to answer that for you!

updated March 2019

Learn the best types of Pinterest ads you should be running in your business to get the best results

Which Type of Pinterest Ad Should I Choose?

Types of Pinterest Ads in 2019

In order to answer this question, you need to consider the strategy behind running your promoted pin campaign.

What is Your Pinterest Ad Campaign Objective?

Pinterest ad campaign objectives in 2019

Pinterest narrows your campaign objective options down to three categories: build awareness, drive consideration, or get conversions.

Which Pinterest Ad Objective Should I Choose?

With promoted pins, I rarely pick awareness for my campaign objective. Brand awareness and video views are paid by the impression. Whereas traffic and app installs are paid when you receive a click to your website or an install of your app.

My main objective for promoted pins is to drive visitors to take action.

Pinterest Conversion Campaigns

Ideally, I want to choose an objective under get conversions.

As of March 2019, conversion campaigns are still in beta testing. While I have access to them, you may not.

A conversion campaign allows you to optimize for a specific action you want your Pinterest visitor to take. The two most common conversions are email signups or purchases.

Most people who run promoted pins are used to paying for clicks using traffic campaigns. While you could always track the conversions in the ads dashboard, you are paying for the initial click to your site.

With conversion campaigns, you place a bid on how much you want to pay for the conversion and you pay Pinterest based on the conversion, not the click.

For example, you can bid $1 per email address signup and might end up paying Pinterest $.56 per email address signup regardless of how many clicks the ad received.

In my opinion, conversions campaigns are a game-changer for Pinterest. This puts them on a more equal footing with Facebook.

Pinterest Shopping Campaigns

Pinterest shopping campaigns are new. Shopping campaigns fall under conversions as catalogs. They serve retailers looking to promote their products.

A retailer can upload a spreadsheet with product information and promote several products at once with shopping ads.

Per Pinterest, “With Shopping Ads, businesses can seamlessly turn their product catalog into visual, actionable ads. Since Shopping Ads pull automatically from an existing product feed, they’re especially useful for brands that want to scale their Pinterest advertising.”

Pinterest Video Campaigns

You’ll notice when you scroll through your Pinterest home feed that almost all of the video promoted pins are created by very large brands such as Target and Carters.

Since video campaigns are charged by impression, they can end up being costly. Typical pinners are not yet used to seeing video on the platform nor clicking on video, which makes video ads not as effective (yet — in my opinion).

Right now, Pinterest is beta testing video ads that are paid per click. This would make video ads more appealing.

Pinterest Traffic Campaigns

If you are not a retailer and do not have access to conversion campaigns yet, your focus will be on traffic campaigns.

Pinterest traffic campaigns get you one step closer to your desired result by allowing you to pay for the click instead of the impression of your pin with no guaranteed action from the pinner.

Why Pinterest Traffic Campaigns?

In order to understand why you first need to understand how a Pinterest funnel works.

How to get sales on Pinterest by leveraging a Pinterest sales funnel

At the end of the day, if you’re paying for a Pinterest ad, wouldn’t you want to make money off of the ad?

When you’re paying for an impression of your pin, you’re paying for the first two steps in the Pinterest funnel.

  • Your pin is shown in search results (keywords)
  • Your pin’s image is driving brand awareness

This is the point at which you are charged by Pinterest if you choose a brand awareness campaign.

You can’t actually make a sale just by having your pin seen in the Pinterest feed.

Traffic campaigns get you to the next step, paying for the click to your website and getting your content seen. Once your content is clicked on, you can now convince your new potential customer to take action. An action is referred to as a conversion in the advertising world.

Since a click gets you one step closer to a conversion, you’ll want to choose traffic campaigns as your main objective when running Pinterest ads.

Make sure to follow these 8 simple steps for preparing your website for Pinterest ads to track conversions and check out the exact funnel templates I use to convert sales.

The BEST Type of Pinterest Ad

Let me preface this by saying that right now the best type of Pinterest ad is a traffic campaign unless you have access to conversion campaigns or you are a retailer and can use shopping ads.

A traffic campaign is the only type of promoted pin that charges based on clicks to your website.

It’s the most economical way to spend your money on Pinterest. Pinterest ads cost less in the long run when you choose traffic as your campaign objective.

Even if your objective is to grow brand awareness, you can still do that by only paying for clicks. Promoted pins are designed to push your pin out to thousands of people in order to optimize it for clicks. Thousands of people are viewing your pins — that’s called an impression. Utilizing a traffic campaign allows you to build brand awareness and page views to your website, but you are only paying for the click. Genius, right?

Pinterest ads cost less when you use traffic campaigns

How Much Should Pinterest Ads Cost?

In this example, I’ve been running a campaign for only 3 days. I’ve received 8,972 impressions, 392 clicks, and I’ve paid $.14 cents on average for each click.

Impressions = how many times your pin has been shown in the smart feed, related pins, or search results (if you selected for your promoted pins to show in all of these places).

Clicks = the number of clicks you received to your website

CTR = click-through rate (with the introduction of one-tap campaigns, I strive for 1% or higher for my CTR)

CPC = cost per click is the average of how much you’ve paid per click to your website (the minimum you can bid is $.10 USD)

How Does One-Tap Impact Pinterest Traffic Campaigns?

As of August 2018, Pinterest has introduced a mandatory one-tap system for all of their traffic campaigns.

On Pinterest, we’re used to clicking on a pin from the Pinterest feed and going to the close-up of the pin.

This is what a close-up of a pin looks like.

Pinterest two-tap traffic campaigns took you to a closeup on the pin

In the close-up view, the user can see more information about the pin before making a choice about whether or not to follow through with the click to the website.

Now, users will make the decision to click right from their feed.

How To Make Your One-Tap Pins Convert

With one-tap you’re asking the user to make a decision with no other information other than the picture and text overlay of your pin. You don’t want to waste money paying for clicks from people who are not actually interested in your content.

Leverage text overlays on your pin images to explain what your content is about and present them with a call to action that entices them to click.

Pinterest Ads One-Tap Recommendations

  1. Since users will no longer need to click twice to get to your site, your CPC (cost per click) should go down and your CTR (click-through rate) should go up. In my Pinterest ads course, I teach to start bids at $.20 (which is a lot lower than Pinterest will recommend).
  2. Promoted pins allow you to target keywords based on broad, phrase, and exact matches. Under the keywords section in your ads dashboard, you can also see the exact search queries people found your promoted pin under. This is helpful data, especially when using broad match keywords. Since we get charged as soon as a user clicks on our pin, I want to make sure I’m showing up in relevant search results. Because of this, I am changing my campaigns to phrase match for the time being. I also run split tests on my campaigns with one ad group being broad keywords and the other being phrase match keywords.
  3. Instead of focusing on the exact number of keywords you should use in your promoted pin campaign, I would encourage you to find as many relevant keywords that you can for what you are promoting and upload those keywords as phrase match.
  4. Your creative (image) and text overlay should make it super obvious what your pin is about. You’ll want to make sure people know what they are clicking on so that you only pay for relevant clicks. Pinterest users won’t have a second chance to decide whether or not to click by going to the close-up, make it obvious!

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How to Deal with Burnout as a Working Mom

How to Deal with Burnout as a Working Mom

Honestly, working mom burnout has been a long time coming for me. The warning signs were written everywhere when I over scheduled myself to travel 6 times this past fall when I had a newborn at home. I’m actually quite shocked it took almost exactly a year post-baby for burnout to hit me full force. (I really don’t advise booking a ton of travel right after having a baby FYI!)

working mom feeling burned out with work and kids

How I Realized I was Burned Out with Work

Last week, I basically shut down.

My husband was traveling for business. When he arrived home Thursday morning, he was shocked to find me sipping coffee on the couch chatting with our Nanny.

I’m extremely protective of my work time. When I have childcare, I am 100% focused on work.

At first, he made a joke about how I came out of my hole to socialize. By the end of the day, he was quite concerned about my lack of motivation for basically anything.

It started two Sundays ago when I was on my way to the gym and got rear-ended at a red light by an 18-year-old who was texting.

She never hit the brakes and hit me pretty hard.

When I got out of the car, I was shaking and, to her dismay, yelling. Now you think I’d be yelling about her texting. Actually, I think that is what was coming out of my mouth.

But you know what I was really mad about? ALL OF THE TIME SHE JUST COST ME!

Literally, the only thing I was thinking was…

“I don’t have time to deal with insurance companies!”

“I don’t have time to take my car in to be fixed!”

“Do you know what your stupidity COST ME?!”

Ugh, I am not proud of this. My initial reaction should have been to make sure she wasn’t hurt.

Thankfully, neither of us were and neither of my kids were in the car with me.

I managed to calm down rather fast when she teared up and asked if my kids were in the car. I drive a van so she assumed I had little kids with me.

This is when it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I’m so stressed out that I cared more about the time to get my car fixed than the fact no one was hurt!

At that moment, I finally just shut down.

All I wanted to do was go to the gym and squeeze a workout in the margins of life.

Stressed mom working and feeling burnout with her laptop and toddler

Pushing Myself Too Hard After My Second Baby

The reality is, I push myself too hard after having a baby. I push myself to the point that I’m basically pretending I don’t have a baby in an attempt to avoid postpartum despair. (I suffered from postpartum PTSD the first time and postpartum anxiety this time).

Guess what? It backfired.

My baby girl turns one this week and I’ve officially crashed and burned.

My husband finding me sipping coffee on the couch was me waving the white flag that I need a break.

Not a break from my kids or my life but a break from the hustle. I’m super proud of the business I’ve built but I’m to the point of asking myself at what cost and what for?

The purpose of everything I do was to create a healthier balance between work and home.

Since my baby was born, the balance got thrown way more towards work than home and that was not my intent.

I do not believe there is anything wrong with being ambitious and pursuing this business that I love so much. I have utter respect for women who chase their dreams while raising babies. I do and I feel no shame for it!

What I’m saying is this:

The point of running your own business is to be the boss and make your own rules!

The balance of time was in favor of work for the last year while I was in hyper-growth mode (and avoiding my postpartum anxiety). Now I’m putting the balance of time into personal and family growth.

After I snapped out of my haze last week, I decided it was time to do what I do best… make a plan.

working mom surrounded by kids and work and feeling burnout and stress

4 Ways to Reprioritize Life and Avoid Working Mom Burnout

1. Draw boundaries around my time and say no often

I am a firm believer that saying yes means you’re saying no to something else. Often times in the past year that meant saying yes to work and no to my kids. I intend on flipping that around this year.

2. Make time for self-care

I have not lost a pound since two weeks postpartum. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m not someone who can lose weight without trying. Since I don’t want to take time away from my kids, the majority of my workout time will happen when my Nanny is with the kids. This means less work time.

3. Recognizing where I’m at in life

This is a huge one for me. I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself to do more and grow bigger with this business. The truth is, I’m starting to feel okay staying small while my kids are little. They won’t always be so dependent on me. There will come a time when I can work morning, noon, and night and no one will care. I recently read a book that speaks to this very point: Company of One: Why Staying Small Is the Next Big Thing for Business. This book really changed my mindset!

4. Stop trying to be everything to everyone

Sometimes I’m going to fail people. Sometimes people will be mad I can’t do more for them. The reality is this… a few weeks ago my daughter was begging me to cuddle her and read a book. My mind was preoccupied with a not-so-nice email I had just received that I wanted to respond to ASAP. I chose my daughter over the angry person who was demanding my time. I haven’t always made the right choice in these circumstances. This is something I’m actively trying to change.

Now, I don’t want to make this all sound so fluffy and easy to accomplish.

The truth is, I still love to work and this business has made our lives so much easier in a lot of ways.

This means I have to be more disciplined with my work time and accept that I’ll have to back-burner some work projects I am super excited about.

I strive to show my girls that you can work hard, chase your goals, and still be present for the people that matter most.

Some days that means work takes a timeout. Other days it means asking for understanding from my kids because I have a big work deadline.

At the end of the day, that’s really what being a mom is all about — showing love, compassion, and understanding.

If you’re experiencing burnout in your life, whether from work or home, I really encourage you to take some time to draw your own boundaries. I know sometimes it can feel like we’re on an island but we’re not. We have each other! 🙂

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working mom burnout with a newborn baby